Nefesch is a Mentalist, also known as mind reader. Through the use of Psychology, NLP, Suggestion, Hypnosis, body language and a few other mind techniques, Nefesch can create the illusion of reading your mind as if it was an open book.

He is also a Hypnotherapist and can use this science to help you to achieve any desired change in your behavior, which can also lead you to reach higher levels of mental and physical well being.

Nefesch has shown his skills as a mind reader in theater and TV; performing all over the world in more than twenty different countries; his showmanship, talent and charisma on stage guarantee you will have a memorable night with each one of his performances.

The love he has for the art of Mentalism is big; he spends most of his time developing new techniques for the arts of hypnosis and mentalism. Many of the techniques he has created and developed have been published between some of  the many books that he has written on the subject. Nefesch has had the honor of sharing his improvements to the art of mind reading with some of the most elite mentalists and psychic performers of our era.

When Nefesch is not performing on stage he works as a Magic and Mentalism Consultant for theater and TV. His vast knowledge in magic and mentalism, his creativity and all his experience working on TV are useful to other professional performers who are looking for unique, new and fresh ideas.



Psychological Entertainer / Mentalist


Magic and Mentalism Constultant



Nefesch Mentalism and Hypnosis lectures are available for magicians of any level.
Please use our contact form to request availability and prices to have Nefesch lecturing on your magic club.