Nefesch's story is remarkable, one of great adversity and sorrow but ultimately one of a boy who became a man who chose to follow his dream and make use of his talents.

Translated from his own words this is Nefesch's life story as pure as it can be told.


Who could have foretold that the curiosity of a child could force and lead its destiny...

Nefesch was born on 12th May 1983 in San Salvador; capital of his home country, El Salvador in Central America. He was called Luis Flores after his father.

Born as an ordinary child without any life expectations other than to simply wait and see how the passage of time and the cocktail of life's experiences would shape his thoughts and personality Nefesch was raised in the arms of his family. A family whose centre of life was and remains their religion. As such he grew up ruling his life by the highest moral principles.

Since the very first years of his life Nefesch developed skills that made him feel comfortable when standing in front of an audience. Maybe it was because of the training and experience he had received from all the speeches he, when barely seven years old, was already giving in his church. Maybe it was because of the education his parents had given him. Maybe it was the result of the integral student he was at school. Or maybe it was JUST BECAUSE. For whichever reason Nefesch found himself comfortable standing in front of any audience entertaining them, whether he was dancing, singing, reciting poetry or even performing comedy routines he had produced himself; he just loved performing and entertaining people wherever and whenever he had an audience.

Unfortunately, Nefesch's parents did not approve of his desire to entertain people; it appeared they wanted their child to focus on the only two things that in their opinion "matter": School and Religion. Therefore some new rules appeared: "No singing in public", "No dancing in public", "No making comedy routines", "No reciting poetry", "No this", "No that", "No, No, NO".

Among the "no performing rules" there was something that was particularly forbidden, Nefesch was not allow to watch any TV show with "occult content" such as Hypnosis, Suggestion, Mentalism, etc. The reason his parents gave him for these rules was that they believed such activities and shows were "against the Lords wishes".

However, just as any child, Nefesch was a curious child and particularly interested to learn more about whatever had been forbidden. It was this curiosity; a curiosity beyond what his parents would allow, that opened the door for Nefesch to find the strength to fight against the river all the way up until he became a Psychic Entertainer.

Nefesch's morbid curiosity made him find the ways to break the rules, he still remembers the first time that he turned on the TV to watch a psychic show they had been announcing on TV. He of course watched it hidden from his parents. After watching that show he was just speechless and amazed about all that he had just seen and left wondering how on earth those extraordinary things could ever be forbidden if they were so COOL and Great. Those feats seemed to be the most extreme, incredible and fascinating examples of what a human being could achieve. Yet, on the other hand, he had his brain broken like a puzzle; he was wondering how could a human being ever do what he had just seen them doing? Barely able to contain his excitement it was that moment that ensured this would not be the only time Nefesch would break the rules imposed by his parents but the first of many.

From now on Nefesch would use any chance he had to break the rules and secretly watch on TV all the "forbidden psychic and mental shows" he could. During this period he would sometimes be caught "red-handed" by his parents and duly punished each and every one of those times. Undaunted, no matter what, he wouldn't listen and he would keep breaking the rules as much as he could, so he kept watching those "occult" TV shows every time he had a chance, just taking more care not to get caught. The more he watched them, the more he loved what he was watching. He was so fascinated with this art that by the time he was barely nine years old he had set himself a goal; he needed to stop being just an spectator, he needed to perform this type of art, and of course that meant that he needed to learn and be taught in the arts of psychology, NLP, hypnosis and mentalism just to mention a few.

Having his parents against the idea of their child even watching these type of shows would make it even harder for Nefesch to find a way to learn everything about this art, an art that was already difficult to learn and master. Apart from his parents opposition mentalism and mind reading is a secret and very tightly guarded art, much more so than mere magic conjuring. Its secrets and inner secrets are not open and given up easily. Without a benevolent mentor to help unlock the door Nefesch was just clueless how to start. It was going to be a really hard and difficult thing to do; long and difficult but still DOABLE.

It would be his maternal grandfather who would now play an important role in Nefesch's life.

In contrast to Nefesch's parents his grandfather, Julio Hidalgo, didn't belong to the same religion or share their beliefs about mentalism, hypnosis and such arts being demonic. He shared enjoyment and interest in these subjects himself; his own grandfather having been a professional hypnotherapist. Not only did Nefesch's grandfather share his passion and support his interest but he also guided his grandson in walking his first steps into what would become his career. Whenever Nefesch visited his grandfather's house they watched mentalism and hypnosis shows together, at ease that their parent's wouldn't come and catch him breaking their rules. A special and good secret between grandfather and grandson.

Apart from watching and studying TV shows there was something else that his grandfather would share with Nefesch; his grandfather had had travelled all over the world in his youth and had learned some suggestion and mentalism techniques. Information he kept in his journals. Further, he had also learned from the most basic to the deepest and strongest hypnosis techniques. Although not a professional mentalist, stage hypnotist or performer his grandfather revealed that he had worked as a hypnotherapist and wanted to pass on his knowledge and experience to his grandson; it would only be the basics about mentalism and psychology but it would enable his grandson to make a start. After that the young man would have to find his own way to move ahead if he really wanted to become a professional entertainer.

So it all started for real. Nefesch would learn from his grandfather, then he had to practice, then to perform as regularly as he could to improve his techniques, skills and presentation. All the while keeping everything hidden from his parents. Nefesch would spend much of this time at the libraries studying as much as he could about this extraordinary art and all its principles such as suggestion, hypnosis, psychology and NLP, all of these had become the biggest passion in his life.

Around ten years passed during which Nefesch kept studying, learning, practicing, improving his performances and even discovering and developing his own techniques in the art of hypnosis and mentalism. These latter techniques that he created and developed would not only make him a better and singular performer but also in the near future it would give him unique recognition among his colleagues all over the globe.

During those years Nefesch remained an outstanding student. He also regularly performed for his classmates, being just careful enough to keep his performances and skills hidden from his parents as usual. He also had to hide his skills and talent from fellow church members who didn't see this art as something good but rather as something that was forbidden, something that was evil for all the members of their church. Nefesch graduated from high school as an excellent student and progressed to college where he studied publicity and marketing, finishing college as one of the best of his class.

After completing college he worked variously as a web designer, a travel agent and as a call centre operator, using most of the money he earned from his jobs to invest in improving his skills and learning more and more.

The wages he earned were not good enough to pay the bills, he needed to find another way to raise the extra income, so he decided that maybe it was time to perform publicly and charge some money for his performances. The big question was how to go about it and what exactly should he perform. There was also the dilemma that if he performed more publicly sooner rather than later his parents and church elders would know about it, they would hate it, and when that happened Nefesch would have some issues with them. He realised that his course was set and he would have to face them.

The first idea he had was to visit local restaurants and talk with either their owners or managers, demonstrate some of his performance skills and explain how this would boost their trade. Hopefully they would then hire him to entertain the restaurants customers. So, he went to talk to the restaurants and after they saw what Nefesch was able to do they all wanted to have him in their restaurants. Unfortunately, none of them was willing to pay for it! All owners were offering was the chance to perform in their restaurants, table by table and get just whatever tips the customers would like to voluntarily give him or not.

Having no other choice and desperately needing the money Nefesch had to accept. For over a year he performed almost every night at different restaurants sometimes 8 hours a night just to get from $4 to $5 USD if it was a lucky night!

During all this time Nefesch had a single goal: to be a great psychic entertainer, so he knocked on as many doors as he could to see if any opened and gave him the chance to perform in better places and under better payment conditions. He sent video demos to all the national newspapers, radio stations and TV networks; it was a very tough and time demanding thing to do. Filming the tapes with a borrowed camera, editing then sending the tapes everywhere, calling everybody everyday to see if they would give him an interview and a chance to perform. The aim being for national coverage if possible. For over a year nobody answered, nobody was interested, nobody was helping. It was very frustrating and becoming desperate, expending so much money, so much time, so much energy every day, calling every hour to the TV producers, TV channels, Radio networks, Talent agencies and not finding the answer or support that he was looking for.

Finally after years and years fighting for a chance, it was in the middle of 2007 when Nefesch was granted an interview with the Director of a national TV Network, Tecnovision, canal 33. It was in that single interview where Nefesch proved to the TV producers how good he was. His demonstration left all of the TV producers speechless and amazed, their amazement was so big they immediately hired Nefesch and offered him a very nice contract for a new weekly TV series with Nefesch as the star approaching people in the street to perform and show his amazing abilities. This show was totally unique; nothing of its kind had ever been seen, not only in El Salvador but throughout all of Latin-America. Mentalism and Hypnosis are NOT common at all there.

The show was a huge success, the audience loved it, the journalists loved it too and his fame started to spread. Nefesch knew that the massive publicity now surrounding him would bring him some friction from his family and church's elders; despite this, he decided to go as far as possible with the project. It was after all the first time after many years' hard struggle, suffering and rejection by so many to be able to do what he wanted to do. He was finally becoming a professional performer; his dream was finally coming true.

Success was to have an unexpected downside. Even though the TV show was a true success in his country, the authorities of the TV network decided to BAN it and take it out of air after just a few months of being launched. The reason for this? Nefesch had a Satanic source and was a bridge between the Devil and this world. The source of this assertion being the wife of TV network airing the programmes owner. She was totally convinced! Despites the efforts made by Nefesch to prove that he was not a Satanist or gaining his abilities from any occult influence, those in position at the channel didn't want any disputes with their boss or his wife, so simply decided to ban the TV show, leaving Nefesch completely misjudged, without any opportunity to prove them wrong and unemployed.

Out of work Nefesch had to face tons of problems one after another, most of them economical and emotional. Making these worse, harder and even more unbearable was that he didn't have any encouragement from his family.

A few months of this went by with only the him supporting himself. Unemployed, the mortgage hadn't been paid in months, there was no money for gas or for food and the bills were really mounting. There was no money to pay for anything and things were looking especially bleak and gloomy.

Right at this time there was an unexpected visit one day from Nefesch's parents. They already knew about the TV show and about it being cancelled thereby leaving their son unemployed and in a dire situation.

They had come to offer some help.

There was an offer of MONEY, a LOT of money; money enough to pay ALL the bills, to pay the entire mortgage that was pending, to buy food, to get some gas for the car and in essence to stop all the financial problems Nefesch was passing thru. All that Nefesch had to do in order for his parents to give him the urgently needed help and have all his worries disappear in a snap was to make a promise...

...a promise that he NEVER EVER would perform again; he must promised that he would TOTALLY QUIT what he loved; he must NEVER use hypnosis again; he must NEVER do any mentalism again; he must totally QUIT for good. It was just a matter of making that promise.

It would have been very easy for Nefesch to take advantage, make the promise, take the money and then later just carry on as before, however, his morals would not allow that. Sneaking to watch TV as a child is one thing but he wouldn't lie to his parents just to get the money, no matter how desperately needed at the time.

He was completely honest with them and explained that what they were asking for was totally UNFAIR. He would never quit what was his biggest dream. He told them how much he loved them and explained that he was not doing this to hurt anybody, how what he did with hypnosis and mentalism was actually helping people, entertaining them and providing much enjoyment to so many. He also explained to them how there is nothing evil, occult or satanic about what is really a very highly skilled art and healthy entertainment. After giving a full explanation Nefesch asked for their help and for some mercy, asking them to help him without any conditions, to help them for real. Given how critical his situation was, if they really wanted to help him, they still could do it, regardless of the profession that their Son had selected.

His parents were clear and honest as well. They told him that they had the power to help him but their help will always have a condition. If Nefesch wanted their help he must quit hypnosis and mentalism.

Nefesch made his decision, his parents left with their offer on their hands, leaving his son just as deep in problems as he was before they came. So Nefesch had to deal with his problems by himself without the support or backing of his parents.

Over the coming weeks Nefesch did a lot of different jobs to bring the bread home, those were hard days, sad days, and they seemed never-ending days including time working away from home, however some light was just about to appear in his life.

Some months later the time and effort spent contacting different producers who may be interested in making a show with him won out. Nefesch finally received a contract with a theatre producer to help produce a theatre show, "DISTORSION", in February of 2008, at the President Theatre, the biggest theatre in El Salvador. There were three full presentations, each to SELL OUT audiences of two thousand people.

Nefesch's grandfather passed away on 12th April 2008. During his last days of life he was physically incapable to speak or move, he was tired and exhausted by fighting against cancer and old age; both of which had taken all his strength. His days were spent just laying on his bed waiting for his last breath to come. Just a few hours before he died he beckoned Nefesch to come close to him; took his hand and made his biggest effort to use his last strength to talk out loud again and give one last advice. Still disoriented from his illness and very weak he first asked to Nefesch: "You are the mentalist, right?", "Yes" he answered, and then his grandfather continued: "You must not be ashamed of what you do, you should be proud of it, it doesn't only make you unique and special but it makes you be yourself. Your abilities are what makes you who you really are, so don't ever hide them, show to the world who you are and what you do". Two hours later his grandfather passed.

A few months later Nefesch receive a visit to his house that he was not expecting. It was the Church Elders (Priests). They wanted to see Nefesch to make an appointment to talk with him about his profession. An appointment was set for two days later.

Nefesch soon discovered the reason why they wanted to talk with him. They were totally convinced that all that he was able to do, all the mind reading, mentalism, etc. must be the result of a connection he must have with the devil. The priests were convinced that everything Nefesch was able to do must have a Satanic source. They urged him to confess that he had made a pact with the devil.

Since Nefeschs abilities have never come from any occult source there was, of course, nothing to confess. Despite all the effort taken to help the priests understand all that he does is through nothing more sinister than mental effort, hard work and application of several well known Sciences the priests did not change their mind and kept insisting that Nefesch was a rebellious person acting against the Lords wishes by contacting the Devil to achieve and get supernatural abilities. Further, that as Nefesch had not confessed his 'sin', they announced their decision of expelling Nefesch not only locally but worldwide out of their Religion, a Religion to which he had belong all his life for over 24 years. Incredible as it may seem to the vast majority there are fundamentalist minorities with such views even in the 21st Century.

Being expelled from a religion you have been a committed part of for so long is a very traumatic occurrence for someone who regards their faith so highly, however, the situation was to become even worse. The rules of this particularly Religion stipulate that if someone is ever expelled worldwide from their Religion, then NOBODY that is still a member of their Religion is allowed to talk to this person AT ALL, not even if the person expelled is a relative. As his parents and sisters remain members of this Religion, the decision the priests took was truly hard for Nefesch, and there was nothing he could do about it. If his parents and sisters wanted to remain within their Religion they had to accept the decision the priests had taken and have to make a solemn promise never to talk to their son or brother again unless he confessed his sin and stopped agreeing with the Devil. To Nefesch's sadness, all of his family accepted the priest's decision without thinking twice. In a matter of a second Nefesch lost his family and all the friends he had had in his entire life.

For Nefesch, it was as if he was innocently imprisoned, where the only way to get out of it is was by lying and confessing to something he never did. Just as in those movies where an innocent person is captured and asked to confess a crime that he hadn't committed, then they start torturing him, hitting him, exhausting him, taking his dignity out from him, finally when he is totally exhausted from all the torture he has received there comes a day when he realizes that he is not happy living his life inside a jail being tortured every single day so finally he surrenders. Even though he had not committed any crime he decides to lie and confess to a crime he never committed. In most of the movies where you see scenes like that things only get worst after such a confession.

Right now, Nefesch is in the Torture phase just like the movie where he is being torture everyday; missing his family, missing his friends and especially knowing that he is totally innocent of all he has been accused of. He knows, however, that if he confesses to something he didn't do, he would be lying, and he would be fooling himself foremost as for he is innocent.

As of today, Nefesch's family keep straight to their promise of not speaking to him ever again, supposedly as a "disciplinary measure" in order to make him react and somehow force him to quit performing; continuing to believe that Nefesch is guilty of acting against God. His own mother promised to him: "I would not even say hello to you ever again". Even in the worst of times when Nefesch truly needed their help and even begged for it, they all turned their back to him without believing in his innocence.

It is that "cocktail" of experiences Nefesch went through during his life so far which have made him be who and what he is now; a well known professional hypnotherapist and psychic performer. With the passage of the years Nefesch has persevered to not only perform all over the world but to share some of his unique ideas with the top mentalists and psychic performers of our era from all Continents. From his small country, El Salvador, passing through almost all of Latin America on to the exotic lands of Greece where he is now living.

Nefesch never forgets his grandfather's last advice, so even though his church has misjudged him, expelling him worldwide, even though his church convinced his own family to avoid their own son, even though he was LITERALLY expelled from his family's circle when his family (parents and sisters) kicked him out of their arms, Nefesch decided to follow his grandfather's advice, "showing the world who he really is and what he really can do". Hopefully by performing he can prove not only to his family and friends what they lost but also to the entire world that HE IS INNOCENT.

So ...
... Why the name Nefesch?

Nefesch is an ancient word coming from Hebrew which means SOUL. But more than just meaning soul, the word Nefesch expresses an entire concept about one's soul, it contends to transmit the idea that a person does not have a soul inside of one, but the person IS A SOUL of itself. Having experienced so much turbulence in his life and still having the strength to keep moving on he strongly believes that he is A SOUL with so much life to walk forward without stopping, HE IS A SOUL, and therefore he is Nefesch.