Nefesch's Magic and Mentalism Consulting Services for Theater and TV

Read what some professional performers are saying about Nefesch:

"Nefesch's ideas and creations are always fresh, new and inspiring. His thinking is not just out of the box- it's out of the normal into the surreal. By entering his World you dare to enter a mind of creativity and imagination like no other" -- Keith Barry --

"You remind me of when I was youn, I could take something that others would not dare to do and create miracles. Your thinking excites me." -- Banachek --

"Nefesch has a creative mind that like to think. Let Nefesch do your thinking for you"-- Andrew Gerard --

An inspiration to show the kind of originality and logic that is really NEW in magic! -- Richard Osterlind --

"Nefesch has a unique and out of the box manner of thinking. His ideas transcend the norm and his methods are incredible! I've had the pleasure of working with Nefesch on a number of occasions and can vouch for his professionalism and his ability to create and perform on request. Nefesch will be a very valuable asset to any production" -- Dee Cristopher --


About Nefesch's Consulting Services:

Have you ever wanted a little help to put together your Magic or Mentalism Show?

Have you ever had an idea for a great effect but couldn't quite come up with the method to achieve it?

Or maybe you are just looking for some New Unique Amazing Magic or Mentalism effects to add to your repertoire?

Nefesch has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the areas of magic and mentalism and hypnosis and has developed new techniques for these arts.

His creations have been used in both theaters and on TV. Some of the biggest performers of our era all agree that Nefesch's magic and way of thinking is unique.

Nefesch would like to offer his services as a Magic and Mentalism Consultant to you and put his experience, knowledge and crazy mind to your disposal and help you take your show to the next level.

His services range from writing the perfect script to accompany your effect (whether a pseudo-psychological script, a psychological script or a regular script) to even creating an entire theater show for you with a logical order in its presentation and with a fascinating and astonishing finale.

Nefesch will give you one-on-one instruction and assistance in your presentation and execution of the methods in your the routines and those you may have in mind.

He can even create custom designed effects and routines to specifically suit your style and your show.

To sum up, Nefesch can:

Find methods for your ideas and ideas for your methods. He can create, improve, simplify or complicate, whatever you are looking for!

He can also help you even if you are just looking for private lessons for you to improve your knowledge and skills.

Every performer needs an extra hand once in a while not to mention an extra mind. So contact Nefesch to see how he can help you take your show to the next level and with services that will suit you, your show and your budget.


Nefesch works as a Magic and Mentalism Consultant for Theater and TV.
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