Close Up

Nefesch's Close-up show is perhaps the most direct, versatile and entertaining form of mentalism. It fits into any venue and provides high levels of audience interaction. Whilst watching mentalism on stage may well be impressive, experiencing it in first person, right in front of your eyes can be a truly astounding experience.

Nefesch's Close Up show is performed for small groups of people who are either standing or sitting nearby. With no cameras, smoke or mirrors, armed with only his mental abilities, Nefesch is able to create the sensation of profound impossibility in his performances, leaving his audiences speechless and asking for more.

Nefesch's Close-up show can be done as a 'walkaround' show or as an 'at the table' show.

Walkaround: In this case, Nefesch will roam all the venue of the event, area by area and will performs for groups (subsets) of spectators in a crowd.

At the table:Another variation of Nefesch's close up show is known as table-hopping, which is a "close-up" show that's performed in restaurants or events where spectators are seated in preparation for or after a meal. Here, Nefesch walks around a restaurant and performs close-up effects on the tables for patrons.

Close up mentalism fits almost anywhere. Whether it's entertaining guests between courses at a dinner event, or walking round someone's home, close up mentalism provides ideal entertainment to get people talking. A mentailsm show adds unusual intrigue for anyone wishing to make their special event a talking point.

Nefesch's performances are NOT suitable for children's parties. Performances are geared towards adult audiences and designed to stretch the understanding of our own perceptions.


Nefesch Mentalism and Hypnosis shows are suitable for TV, Theater, Weddings, Corporate and Private Events.
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