Corporate Events / Trade Shows

Having a mind reader get on stage isn’t something that most people have experienced at a conference. And when they do, it’s something they will never forget.

Nefesch’s entire presentation is interactive and completely engaging. He doesn’t just get on stage and tell people what they’re thinking of, he does it in a way that creates a full blown experience for everyone who’s watching… no matter what the size of the audience is.

Most company events are the same… they hire a band, they have a DJ, awards banquet, and people leave the event thinking “That was nice.” A mentailsm show adds unusual intrigue for anyone wishing to make their special event a talking point. Nefesch's performance will make sure that your company event be unforgettable.

The second Nefesch steps on stage, you will see the engagement, and the impression it will leave on the audience. Very few audiences have seen a ‘mentalist’ so they will feel amazed by the mind reading demonstrations they will see on stage.

If you’re having an event and you’re looking for entertainment this year that’s different than what everyone expects, then bringing in Nefesch's to do mind reading demonstrations will definitely be a surprise for everyone at your event.

Nefesch's can make his performances Ad Hoc designed specifically for your brand, your logo, your slogan, etc. If you have an idea or a specific task to be covered with Nefesch's performance, contact Nefesch and he will create a solution that will satisfy your needs.


Nefesch Mentalism and Hypnosis shows are suitable for TV, Theater, Weddings, Corporate and Private Events.
Please use our contact form to request availability and prices to have Nefesch performing on your next event.

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