Private Events

Whatever the occasion, be it a 40th birthday party, an anniversary or a cocktail reception, Nefesch specializes in supplying the best mentalism show to make your private party a resounding success!

Celebrating a special anniversary, birthday, or accomplishment? Bring your private party to the next level with Nefesch's Mindreading show. Whether it's interactive close-up enviroment or a complete group show, Nefesch's show is ideal to wow any audience. Be it Black tie or a casual gathering with friends, Nefesch knows exactly what is required to make of your private event a special and memorable night.

Nefesch provides truly dynamic, original entertainment to suit almost any party, he can create a real buzz of excitement into any type of audience.

Remember, Nefesch is a professional performer, by hiring him you can feel confident and rest assure that your celebration is in safe hands.

As an experienced performer, Nefesch will work close up with your guests leaving them in awe of his ability to dazzle and amaze. His baffling mindreading skills will induce laughter and amazement, he will astonish your guests with his original style. With a whole world of experience in his field, he will ensure the party gets going from the start.

Nefesch is the perfect entertainer to make you dinner party special.

Nefesch's performances are NOT suitable for children's parties. Performances are geared towards adult audiences and designed to stretch the understanding of our own perceptions.


Nefesch Mentalism and Hypnosis shows are suitable for TV, Theater, Weddings, Corporate and Private Events.
Please use our contact form to request availability and prices to have Nefesch performing on your next event.

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