Nefesch's Stage mentalism show is performed in front of a whole audience on a stage. This show is ideal for theaters, clubs, schools, Stage-bars, etc.

All the mental illusions and effects in this show can be seen from a distance. It is a Show recommended for a medium to a large audience.

Nefesch's Stage show is performed for a crowd that has view access to the stage. Nefesch's will use his mental abilities creating the most impossible feats and extraordinary display of 'mind controlling' and mind reading. Nefesch is able to create the sensation of profound impossibility in his performances, leaving his audiences speechless and asking for more.

In this show Nefesch will perform big, visual effects that make mentalism suitable for a stage or a platform.

The show is very interactive from start to finish.

Nefesch's performances are NOT suitable for children's parties. Performances are geared towards adult audiences and designed to stretch the understanding of our own perceptions.


Nefesch Mentalism and Hypnosis shows are suitable for TV, Theater, Weddings, Corporate and Private Events.
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