Wedding Entertainer

Think of all the weddings and other events you’ve been to over the past few year and just take a minute to think what are the first things that come to your mind about the occasions...

For many people, the thing that they’ll remember the most is – whether they enjoyed it or not – the entertainment. Great entertainment makes the flowers smell sweeter, the room look brighter and the food taste better; poor entertainment turns a wedding into an expensive dinner party where the guests leave early.

A wedding is always something special, so why not celebrate in style with wedding entertainment to keep your guests entertained all afternoon and right through the night too!

Nefesch can provide you with delightful outdoor or indorr entertainment for all your guests

Having Nefesch's reading your guest's minds and performing his extraordinary mental abilities all around the venue is the best way to WOW your guests.

Nefesch's can make his performances Ad Hoc designed specifically for your wedding. Nefesch can tour the tables before the food arrives, to fill that inevitable gap between taking your seats and tucking in, he can also perform a whole "wedding themed" show from stage, he can mix around with your guests and entertain them during the reception, etc.

If you have an idea or a specific task to be covered with Nefesch's performance, contact Nefesch and he will create a solution that will satisfy your needs.


Nefesch Mentalism and Hypnosis shows are suitable for TV, Theater, Weddings, Corporate and Private Events.
Please use our contact form to request availability and prices to have Nefesch performing on your next event.

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